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Krazy Kards are fantasy wrestling playing cards for an out of this world playing experience!

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Krazy Kards are custom made wrestling game cards designed for use with the Champions of the Galaxy Game System.

Released 1999/2000

First ever Krazy Kards NAWC set releases in late Dec. 1999 early Jan 2000.

The brianstorm of producing Krazy Kard sets was first in conceived the summer of 1999 right before Y2K. The very first set known only as Series One was completed by the end Dec. 1999. The very first card sets shipped and was recieved in January 2000. Other cards sets and other various creations would follow from then on, the fantasy wrestling federation known as the NAWC was born.

Released 2001/2014

Series Two the first full color set which also came with the first special edition cards.

Over the years Krazy Kards produced limited special edition cards known as (SE cards). Some SE cards came with sets, others came with newsletters and some were special give away cards either at conventions, trading or just by purchasing other card sets. These characters are meant to expand your fantasy wrestling federations even outside of the NAWC and COTG universes.

Krazy Kards Registry

The listing of all existing serial numbered NAWC, SE COTG & other SE cards.

The Krazy Kard Registry was put together to indicate how many cards survived the past 14 years. Believe it or not we recieved many letters/emails of cards being destroyed by everything from fire, flood, moves, food and even pet damage. The Krazy Kard registry was put together as a fun way to see what has survived the last 14 years. (Email the cards that you have and we will post them:)

Unleaded One

Unleaded Series One was first released in 2005 and then revised in 2012.

The launch of the series called "Unleaded One" which means toned down, was designed especially for the pickest fusspot, purist of the Champions of the Galaxy game system. These cards were specially re-written using the strictest, hard-bioled, iron-fisted, game play guidelines ulitilizing some of our most popular NAWC characters compiled into one amazing 12 card set.

Released 2003

Brothers Brock and Dillon Mason (M&M) reak havok on the NAWC back in 2003.

Series Five (The Future) is the fifth NAWC set installment that released on March 1st 2003. Series Five contains one of the most popular wrestling tag team brothers Madness and Mayhem also known as M&M. This great set also contains one of the founding members of the NAWC, Sam Moon.

Released 2004

Alaara’s Contest of Champions revealed.

Series Six officially released in March of 2004. Series Six contained 12 new characters that have made their presence felt in galaxies all over the NAWC universe. Wrestlers like Sammeal, Demascus, The Skurge and Cheif Iceivein are just to name a few the hightlights of this set.

Released 2004/2005

The all horror themed set, Vampires, Werewolfs and other lovely creatures reign in this series.

Series Seven (Creatures) released on October 31, 2004 Halloween. This monster themed addition contains eight new characters that is perfect for any horror or vampire themed federation. The growth of the Vampire Nation is ever present in this set with vampires like Von Mahkrieg and the tag team New Kindred rule in this set.

Released 2005

The Sketchy military past of Assassin X is slowly un-earthed within series 8.

Series Eight (Heros) released on July 21, 2005. Series 8 was a great addition to the existing NAWC universe. This set revised some old favorites like the Hangman, CiberNaught and Assassin X and introducted a few new surpises for the NAWC.

Released 2006/2007

Rose Caldarian revealed as the grand daughter of none other then GWF Legend Bishop Hell!

Series Nine (Rivalries) released at Galacticon July 8, 2006. This set contained 12 new cards with updates to Tera Naught, Danny Sage and introduced the tag team K & K Connection and the lovely Rose Caldarian who is rumored to be the grand daughter of GWF Legend Bishop Hell.

Released 2010

Is this the End of the NAWC? Originally Released on 10/10/2010.

Series Ten (End Days) released October 10th 2010 in time for the ten year anniversary of Krazy Kards. This set contained nine regular and one special edition card to round out the anniversary set. Two former GWF characters Mangus and Maelstrom appear in this set and become apart of the NAWC universe. Series ten maybe the final NAWC series set. (For Now :)

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