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Sammeal — (2nd Version)
Card: 43
  • Height: 6' 1"
  • Weight: 235 Lbs
  • Home Land: Parts Unknown
  • Titles Held: (None Currrently)

One of if not the best wrestlers in the galaxy, Sammael had done it all in his time in the business, multi time tag and singles champion in to many feds to list he has lasted longer then a lot of his peers. But eventually there comes a time when the skills start to lessen and the body begins to break down. This is what happened to Sammael whether it was true or just in his head but this prompted Sammael to make a drastic decision, he needed to find a way to retain his current abilities and grow even stronger in the process.

He first looked at medical solutions but didn’t like the idea of taking drugs to juice his system or radical experiments using gene splicing or other techniques. Then after losing badly one night he had a moment of clarity (or was it insanity?) watching the main event that preceded his match pitting Danny Sage against Tzimisce of the Vampire Nation. What if he could get one of the vampires to agree to turning him into a vampire? He thought of the possibilities and it made him smile realizing that Vampires grow in power as they age not decrease. Then in a secret meeting with Carmilla of the Vampire Nation he struck a deal to have both he and his woman Salem embraced (turned into vampire). The trio set out to have Sammael lose a match to hated rival Jamie B. Wilson leading to a distraught Sammael who would later on be found in a pool of blood along with Salem as Carmilla stood over them. Carmilla after the show went off the air embraced both Sammael and Salem and their conversion to the Vampire Nation was complete or so they thought.

Other members namely Blood Rose, Tzimisce and Bloodstorm disapproved of the turning due to Carmilla not asking permission from the Nation to embrace two such high profile athletes. Carmilla has since been told that until the Vampire King accepts them into the Nation they do not have it’s protection. Sammael now with an even larger ego walked away from Carmilla and told the Nation he doesn’t need protection cause he’s “Still Better Then You”!

  • Finisher Move: THE LIGHTBRINGER (A 450 degree splash.)
  • Special Moves: END OF DAYS (A crucifix driver.)
  • Additional Special Moves: Mourning Star (A STF/Regal Stretch.)
  • Other Moves: (N/A)
Card: 44
  • Height: 6' 1"
  • Weight: 140 Lbs
  • Home Land: Dallas, Texas
  • Titles Held: (None Currrently)

Still much of Salem’s past history other then she hails from Dallas, Texas and was brought in as Sammael's valet and revealed as his woman. Despite some original misgivings about trusting Carmilla to turn both Sammael and her into vampires she eventually agreed as much to remain by her mans side and to increase her abilities. She remains side by side with Sammael now that he has walked away from the Vampire Nation and sets his own path. She remains one of the top female wrestlers in the NAWC.

  • Finisher Move: WITCHING HOUR (A top rope Juvi Driver.)
  • Special Moves: Lightbringer (A 450 splash.)
  • Other Moves: Mourning Star (STF/Regal Stretch.)
Card: 45
  • Height: 6' 1"
  • Weight:190 Lbs
  • Home Land: Aethra
  • Titles Held: (none currently)

The wrestler known as Calm has trained in Aethran martial arts and submission techniques from an early age to compensate for his lack of size (by Aethran standards). Calm also contrary to Aethran beliefs is a pacifist and had to escape Aethra with his mate Serenity to avoid being persecuted to the fullest extent of Aethran law. Not much is known how he got off Aethra and where he went and Calm has not been one to divulge such things to keep the people who helped him safe from future prosecution from Aethran Authorities. During his time in hiding he kept training and also became active in local wrestling federations where he wrestled under a mask to keep his skills honed. While some have now questioned why would a pacifist wrestle, Calm says he does not see wrestling as combat, but rather as a sport to compete in.

  • Finisher Move: THE CALM (A crossface chicken wing submission.)
  • Special Moves: THE STORM (A triple jump moonsault).)
  • Other Moves:(N/A)
Card: 46
  • Height: 6'2"
  • Weight: 155 Lbs
  • Home Land: Aethra
  • Titles Held: (Currently None)

Serenity is rather aloof, extremely confident but never arrogant. These are some of the things that describe Ms. Serenity. As the sexy team mate of Calm, the two escaped persecution on Aethra and have since lived in secrecy training in martial arts to keep their bodies and minds sharp.

Now that Calm has entered the NAWC, Serenity follows and accompanies Calm to ringside for his matches and also competes in the women’s division.

  • Finisher Move: SILENT LUCIDITY (A crucifix driver)
  • Special Moves: THE STORM (A triple jump moonsault.)
  • Other Moves: (N/A)
The Dreadling
Card: 47
  • Height: 7'4"
  • Weight: 587 Lbs on Avg.
  • Home Land: Jarros, Alaara
  • Titles Held: (Currently None)

The Dreadling an alien engineered creature made possible by the scientists of Jarros. The scientists of Jarros have always been the brightest minds on the Planet Alaara and they were the firsts to perfect cloning and then the creation of genetic beasts they called the Dreadlings. Back then the Dreadlings were so fierce and feared that by trying to wipe them out Alaara was sunk into 20 years of civil war. At the end of the war it was believed that the entire Jarros race along with the Dreadlings were wiped from the planet. Also disappearing was the animal like race from the Deep Lands and the destruction of the Zenterian home land of Chief Jay Iceveins peoples leaving Goldsboro, Aquala, Skarnheim, Salaria and and the nomadic tribes of Zenteria. Goldsboro came out as the leading nation after the war mostly thanks to national hero Ciber Naught and his special forces unit.

Aquala was strong after the war due to its recent treaty with the Planet Cygnus. Twenty years later and two long thought dead races return first the animal race of the Deep Lands and most recently survivors of Jarros reappeared. The survivors of Jarros had their height stunted with the tallest yet discovered reaching only four foot two inches. Despite the growth stunt their skull and brain expanded to a larger then normal size. The new Jarrosians also brought back with them one single Dreadling though it is nowhere near as imposing as the previous versions. When the Jarrosians petitioned to join the new Alaaran Government they were met with laughter, ridicule and scorn. The Jarrosians did not take this well and unveiled their Dreadling to the Alaaran council and demanded a place on the council otherwise they would sink Alaara into a second war by unleashing the (what they said) thousands upon thousands they have been creating since their supposed destruction. The council agreed but only under the condition that every last Dreadling be destroyed once and for all. The Jarrosians agreed but said they would need to keep one so that he could champion their cause during the Contest of Champions. The Council agreed but only upon the proof that the other Dreadlings would be destroyed to which the Jarrosians produced evidence that this single Dreadling was all there was due to their facilities and documents as well as any perfect DNA remaing after being destroyed in the final days of the war. The Dreadling entered the Contest but lost in round one to Skarnheims Krel Carnifex. This has enraged the Jarrosians and they are sending Dreadling after Krel and his countryman the Butcher as retribution. It has also been learned that Aquala/Cygnus and Jarros have come to an agreement and Dreadling will help with the Cygnus Rising war with the Alien Alliance and Ciber Naught.

  • Finisher Move: DREADSAULT (It scales the turnbuckles then performs a moonsault. Due to it's size he misses the move on a 1 on a d6.)
  • Special Moves:Rag Doll (Strangulation (choke lift then he violently shakes opponent back and forth.)
  • Other Moves: (N/A)
Card: 48
  • Height: 6'7"
  • Weight: 260 Lbs
  • Home Land: Parts Unknown
  • Titles Held: (Currently None)

This masked man known as Demascus has begun appearing with the members of the Unholy recently and looks the part as a member of this psychotic group. Some things that are known is that he debuted by escorting what turned out to be the son (Michael) and wife (Josephine) of Azriel (or is it Azrael?) to the ring during Xaphans match against Keth Vale. During the match Josephine looked like she broke away from Demascus and she grabbed a chair and slid into the ring and looked like she would blast Xpahan but at the last second blasted Vale several times busting him open. Demascus then escorted Michael to the back as Xaphan and Josephine laughed maniacally. Two weeks later Michael made his in ring debut against Keth Vale and Michael was escorted to the ring by Demascus, but before the match could start the arena lights went out and a circular fireball engulfed the ring and Michael. When the lights came back on Michael was gone and all that was left were scorch marks. Vale and Demascus then began brawling until security broke them up. The next week Demascus finally spoke and accused Vale of kidnapping Michael so he could be brainwashed against Xaphan, Azriel, Josephine and the Unholy. Demascus has now been sent to weed out the truth and he looks to destroy any who could have the answers to the whereabouts of Michael son of Azrael whether it be Keth Vale and the Marauders or even the Inquisition.

  • Finisher Move: TYRS FALL (An opponent is set up in a running powerslam position then is thrown up off of shoulder and brought down with a diamond cutter.)
  • Alternate Finisher Move: DEHUMANIZER (A cradle DDT from the top turnbuckle.)
  • Special Moves: Walk On the Dark Side (Matt Hardy's side effect) Stairway to Hell (an inverted piledriver from the 2nd rope.)
  • Alternate Special Moves:The Slipknot (A Cobra Clutch standing on the top turn buckle into a cobra clutch slam.)
  • Other Moves: The Rising Apocalypse (A double arm chicken wing.)
The Skurge
Card: 49
  • Height: 7'2"
  • Weight: 550 Lbs
  • Home Land: Skarnheim, Alaara
  • Titles Held: (Currently None)

Krel "The Skurge" is a massive very muscular humanoid, who reportedly comes from the fabled Skarheim, land of the giants where he is small for his race. Because of this he became very adapt at fighting at a young age and left home to pursue the sport of wrestling as a career at the young age of 16. At 21 he still had much to learn but had some success with Korin the Death Knight who were known as the Crimson Guard, they also held the NAWC Universal Tag Team Titles during their tenure together. Krel’s career hit a crossroad after the team split as he just couldn’t turn the corner and become the singles star management expected him to become. Then after going to the NAWC’s training school the Sanctuary for an extended time he was called to serve his county proudly as their representative in Alaara’s Contest of Champions. He shocked many people by making it to the finals where he fell to another shocking finalist Brinson Faust of Aquala. This raised his stock and the NAWC welcomed him back with open arms. After another short singles run where he did well, he then began teaming with fellow countryman The Butcher as the Bezerkers. Krel has already shown his skill in tag action but can he and Butcher return glory to themselves and their nations or will they both remain mired in obscurity?

  • Finisher Move: OFF WITH YER HEAD (A second rope leg drop.)
  • Alternate Finisher Move: EXECUTIONER’S SONG (A massive power bomb onto knee.)
  • Special Moves: Skurge Breaker (Krel lifts opponents over head in a military press then slams opponent over his knee for a vicious back breaker.)
  • Other Moves: (Power Slam)
Chief Jay IceVein
Card: 50
  • Height: 6'3"
  • Weight: 248 Lbs
  • Home Land: Earth - Zenteria, Alaara
  • Titles Held: (Currently None)

Chief Jay IceVein has been a local hero for his fellow tribesman for more then 8 years now having won many local wrestling titles and doing extremely well in past Contests of the Champions finishing second three contests in a row. During this time Chief Jay began a bitter rivalry first with Halfmoon (Sam Moon) and then Ciber Naught both of who defeated Chief Jay in the contests as well as on the battle field during Alaaras civil war over 10 years ago. It was this rivalry that also kept Chief Jay from entering the NAWC any sooner as with Sam Moon in control of things he kept his rival on the outside looking in. Now though with Councilman Swarvak of Aquala running things he has allowed Chief Jay entrance just for the sheer amusement of allowing Chief Jay to openly challenge both Ciber Naught and Sam Moon and keep them off the councilman’s allies (Cygnus Rising) tails.

  • Finisher Move: BLOOD RUNS COLD (A cradle brain buster.)
  • Special Moves: Ice Driver (death valley driver.)
  • Other Moves: (N/A)
Kagirinai — also member of the (Council of Wyrms)
Card: 51
  • Height: n/a
  • Weight: n/a
  • Home Land: Celestial Heavens
  • Titles Held: (Currently None)

Suddenly and with no fanfare or press conference the Council of Wyrms has begun to be escorted and managed by an unknown man only over heard in conversasion as being called the Dragon Elder and Kagirinai. Kagirinai’s presence at ringside seems to be able to motivate the Wyrms to better performances or to even make them passive when fighting.

  • Finisher Move: SILENT LUCIDITY (A crucifix driver.)
  • Special Moves: THE STORM (A triple jump moonsault.)
  • Other Moves: (N/A)
Prince Kieryu
Card: 52
  • Height: 6'2"
  • Weight: 245Lbs
  • Home Land: Deep Lands, Alaara
  • Titles Held: (Currently None)

Prince Kieryu like Chief Jay is a leader of his peoples and also heir to the throne. Kieryu like much of his peoples past is shrouded in guarded secrecy. Thought to be descendants off Andromedans who fled their homeworld when it was attacked by Aethran Millitary forces years ago (whether it’s in the recent past decades or even centuries it is unknown and the peoples of the Deep Lands those few you can find won’t say).

Prince Kieryu and his royal guard emerged from the deep dark forests of the Deep Lands when their fellow countryman Chouuju returned to Alaara following his capture a few years earlier by a Neptunian Zoo Keeper. Kieryu welcomed Chouuju back and the two struck up a fast friendship. Chouuju even began teaching the prince about wrestling who surprisingly took to it very easily. When the Contest of Champions rolled around all expected Chouuju to represent his country but instead it was the prince who represented them. The prince had a tough draw pulling defending champion Ciber Naught as his first round as he lost in just over thirteen minutes. Since the Kieryu and Chouuju have begun teaming together and look to make a mark on the tag team scene.

  • Finisher Move: ROLLING CROSS ARMBREAKER (A Cross Armbreaker.)
  • Special Moves: Rag Doll Strangulation (This move is a choke lift then he violently shakes opponent back and forth usually until submission.)
  • Other Moves: Battle Axe (He sometimes will take his axe outside the ring and will hit opponent in the back of the head with the handle.)

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