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The Hangman — (2nd Version)
Card: 61
  • Height: 6' 3"
  • Weight: 282 Lbs
  • Home Land: Dimension X
  • Titles Held: (None Currrently)

The Hangman recently left the employ of Mangus and his Cygnus Rising team and has now rejoined his GSF teammates. Ciber Naught and crew accepted him back with open arms and took his reconnaissance of Cygnus and Alquala plans and gave them to the Goldsboro Military for decoding. Still needing to wear his specially equipped mask due to a war time accident, Mangus and his tag team of Belroc and Sekada have sworn to remove the hood and make Hangman pay for his turn. Hangman told them to bring and has now begun teaming with Tera Naught, with the two taking the name of their group (GSF) as their team name. Hangman has also replaced his trusty bull rope with a chain like weapon and has told those scaly reptiles that he plans to Hang EM High whenever he gets the chance.

  • Finisher Move: CORAL FANG (Tag Finisher) (While opponent is locked into a Camel clutch by the Hangman, his partner comes in and gives a running knee to the opponents face.)
  • Alternate Finisher Move: Skar Buster (With an opponent in ring and Hangman on apron Hangman delivers an Ace Crusher dropping himself to the floor while the opponent gets an added snap off the top rope.)
  • Special Moves: Soul Scorch (A abdominal stretch.)
  • Additional Special Moves: HANG EM HIGH (A swinging choke lift into sit out power bomb.)
  • Other Moves: (Hit with Chain)
Halfmoon II
Card: 62
  • Height: 5' 10"
  • Weight: 196 Lbs
  • Home Land: Goldsboro, Alaara
  • Titles Held: (None Currrently)

Halfmoon II is the son of legendary Alaaran wrestler and political figure Sam Moon. He has been groomed and bred to one day step into his dad's boots and don his mask! Halfmoon II has a lot of hype to live up to and has been personally trained by his father since the age of twelve he has spent the last two years training in the NAWC’s training grounds, called Sanctuary. His NAWC debut at the ripe old age of 17 and with an ego the size of a star system, Half Moon II or "HMII" believes in the hype and expects his father's enemy, Ciber Naught to hand over the mantle of Goldsboro Champion once the next "Contest of Champions" rolls around. Whether or not he will be able to take it remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure, lots of people will be gunning for the youngster as he looks to make his name for himself in the cruiserweight division now.

  • Finisher Move: (None)
  • Special Moves: BLUE OMEGA BOMB ( Double under hook folding power bomb.)
  • Other Moves: GOLD ALPHA DRIVER (A spinning Fireman’s Carry Driver.)
Belroc — (2nd Version)
Card: 63
  • Height: 7' 0"
  • Weight: 369 Lbs
  • Home Land: Cygnus
  • Titles Held: (none currently)

Many thought that once Brinson Faust won the Contest of Champions last year and was moved to the main singles position on the Cygnus Rising Team, but Belroc and Sekada would revolt after being put into tag duty, but instead the two have thrived and have even captured the NAWC Universal Tag Team and Alaaran Tag Team Titles. Though Sekada remains split between singles and tag action, Belroc has dedicated himself into the tag team and has become the specialist for the team. While he still uses his Cygnus Spike to get submission wins he and Sekada have added the Spiked Comrade Driver as a tag finisher. The duo named the move after their former teacher and mentor Dreadnaught who ironically died in the ring while fighting Sekada during the last class Dreadnaught taught on Cygnus. Belroc has even begun taking to the top rope and delivering three hundred and sixty nine pound splash that has been dubbed the mad splash due to most people believing Belroc is mad for trying the move so often.

  • Finisher Move: SPIKED COMRADE DRIVER (Tag Finisher) (A along with partner delivers a double belly to back head spike. Belroc also uses this as a singles finisher with reduced results.)
  • Alternate Finisher Move: Terror Face Claw (A claw to face made popular by his teacher Dreadnaught.)
  • Special Moves: Mad Splash (The massive Belroc climbs to the top rope and flies off with a devastating splash.)
  • Other Moves: CYGNUS SPIKE (Oriental Spike.)
Ciber Naught — (3rd Version)
Card: 64
  • Height: 6'6"
  • Weight: 335 Lbs
  • Home Land: Goldsboro, Alaara
  • Titles Held: (Currently None)

The undisputed leader of the "GSF", Ciber Naught has made many enemies notably the lizard tag team called "Cygnus Rising" and Sam Moon and his "Alien Alliance" Team. A decorated former Sergeant in the Goldsboro military he led an elite Special Forces unit which he now commands in the NAWC. He is still a brawler and a power wrestler who has alot to prove to himself and to the members of the "GSF" in the coming months. He first lost a major event called the "Contest of Champions" to a wrestler he could not believe could beat him, Brinson Faust of the country Aquala. This upset was the first time in over a decade that the country men of Goldsboro didn’t control the Alaaran Government since the end of the planet's Civil War.

Only to add more insult to Ciber Naught and his group of wrestlers, Sam Moon has finally sent more competition with the long awaited debut of his son "Halfmoon II", up to the NAWC as well as Manta another powerful wrestler that is determined to take Ciber Naught's spot as the Goldsboro Champion. For the next "Contest of Champions", Ciber Naught has a lot on his plate this year and is hoping that with the help of verteran's Assassin X and the Hangman's progression in the ring that his own new finisher he can help hold off the outside forces and regain everything that he lost and believes is rightfully his and no one elses!

  • Finisher Move: ATOMIC WASTELAND (A second rope German Suplex and roll up.)
  • Alternate Finisher Move: Ciber Bomb (A Jackknife Power Bomb.)
  • Special Moves: Terminal Destruction (A full nelson suplex with bridge.)
  • Other Moves: Demon Crusher (N/A)
Romy Ravhin
Card: 65
  • Height: 5'6"
  • Weight: 138 Lbs.
  • Home Land: New Babylon, Moon Base Alpha
  • Titles Held: (Currently None)

Romy Ravhin was discovered by Keth Vale while Keth was back home on Earth dealing with his new HoloVid business. Romy approached Keth and asked him if he would train her as she had been a fan of his many styles for years. After much deliberating and once Keth decided to take on another student Keth decided to take on Romy as well. Keth describes her as a charismatic, crazy daredevil who isn't afraid of anything and who wants to get closer to Hell every time she taking some crazy bumps or bleeding until she can't see the ring. The first Keth deemed ready for the NAWC, Romy embarks on an NAWC career with a zeal that the ladies division needs. Has no real enemies as of yet Romy adds to a budding ladies division.

  • Finisher Move: DIE DEAD ENOUGH (A reverse Kryptonite Krunch.)
  • Alternate Finisher Move: INTO THE BLACK (A Anaconda Vice.)
  • Special Moves: Heavy Metal Cross-line (A with chain in hands Romy crosses arms and delivers a devastating running cross arm chain clothesline.)
  • Additional Special Moves: Diving Star (A top rope flying head butt.)
  • Other Moves: (N/A)
Assassin X — (3rd Version)
Card: 66
  • Height: 6'4"
  • Weight: 248 Lbs
  • Home Land: Goldsboro, Alaara
  • Titles Held: (Currently None)

The Sketchy past of Assassin X that has slowly been un-earthed recently, suggests that Assassin X was part of an elite Special Forces unit commanded by none other than Ciber Naught during the years of the Alaaran Civil War. During that time not only was Assassin X a highly decorated war veteran but he was one of the most feared assassins in the world. Assasin-X was his code name and no one knows his true identity, not even Ciber Naught. Assassin-X is an expert in many different forms of Martial Arts and weaponry both human and alien forms of fighting.

He is very resourceful, intelligent, rarely makes mistakes in or out of the ring and has a take charge type of attitude towards everything that he does or apart of. He is also a well known bounty hunter outside of Alaara who still likes to keep his military skills in check by taking on jobs to hunt down, track or if necessary kill wanted fugitives across the galaxy. He does this only when he has time away from the demands of the NAWC. It has also been rumored that his the letter "X" at the end of his code name stands for "Extermination" but he claims it stands for Xtreme! Unfortunately the person who started this rumor has been missing for some time and can't comment on Assassin X's rebuttal.

Assassin-X also goes by the nickname AX and has been Ciber Naught's right hand man during and after their military careers ended. Once they joined the New Age Wrestling Council after all military was disbanded on planer Alaara. Most of Ciber Naught's original GSF Unit decided to join the NAWC and they were able to reunit their elite team with the addition of the Hangman. They have been all feared as military personal and continue to be feared as wrestlers in the NAWC as well. Assassin X has been given the chance to go for singles tourment gold and to take out anyone Ciber Naught doesn’t have time to eliminate himself. Of course AX sometimes has to really restrain himself from accidentally killing others in the ring which would be a cause for concern if he did. He does have some honor and integrity when wrestling, but has been known to stretch the rules a bit in his favor from time to time. Assassin X has done very well to this point and has made adjustments to improve defense and has slightly modified his offense moves which he hopes will lead him to win some golden titles in the near future.

  • Finisher Move: CONTRACT KILLING (Inverted Death Valley Brain Buster.)
  • Alternate Finisher Move: The Bounty (A jumping punch to the heart followed by a round house kick to the head.)
  • Special Moves: Decapitation (A hot shot clothes line form across the top rope.)
  • Other Moves: (N/A)
Kill Switch
Card: 67
  • Height: 5'9"
  • Weight: 219 Lbs
  • Home Land: Earth, Nicaragua
  • Titles Held: (Currently None)

Kill Switch the second student to graduate from the new Rancor school. Killswitch heads to the NAWC to join Sidon where the two look to join forces against Sidon’s new found enemies the Vampire Nation. Taking the team name Rancor, Sidon and Kill Switch get ready to battle Von Mahkrieg and NAWC vet Bloodstorm, who are better known as Crimson Fang.

For now the other Vampire Nation members are staying out of the fight leaving it to the Vampire Bounty Hunter and his new mentor. Killswitch is a tag specialist and looks to use his Rancor Missile and Pendulum Driver tag team moves to neutralize the vampires. Killswitch specializes in head drop moves which are all the rave right now, though he does have his Sanity’s Eclipse submission hold to wear down opponents. The new era of Rancor is upon the NAWC, will the Vampire Nation and others be able to hold them back?

  • Finisher Move: SANITY’S ECLIPSE (Killswitch locks up one arm in a hammer lock, and rolls through. One leg is tied up like a figure 4 leglock, Killswitch then sits on their shoulder, twisting the hammerlock.)
  • Alternate Tag Team Finisher Move: PENDULUM DRIVER (Tag Finisher) (Killswitch and his partner swing opponent between them gaining height with each swing, and then with one last swing they completely swing him over onto his head.)
  • Special Moves: Rancor Missile (A double team move Kill Switch and partner perform a double missile dropkick. In singles matches Killswitch still does the move but with reduced effects.)
  • Other Moves: Mind Eraser (A pump handle Michinoku Driver II.)
Michael Caldarian — Son of Azrael Caldarian
Card: 68
  • Height: 6'1"
  • Weight: 233 Lbs
  • Home Land: Earth - Sicily, Italy
  • Titles Held: (Currently None)

Michael Caldarian is a second generation wrestler and the son of Azrael Caldarian the recently returned leader of the Righteous. Michael has had a rough last year and a half starting with the apparent death of his father Azrael within the Monastery he has called home since arriving on Alaara. Then he began hating his father best friend Keth Vale because he felt he was trying to move in on his grieving mother. Third was a real shocker when a masked man bearing a striking resemblance to his father and bearing burns to his face appeared and though he spelt his name slightly different this one was aligned with his fathers greatest enemy, Xaphan and Sammael, and he had also gotten his mother to believe it was truly her husband reborn. Forth Michael finally gave in and joined his mother and this new Azriel though reluctantly all the while Azriel stoked the fires of hatred between Michael and Keth.

Then unknown to anyone Michaels sister Rose, long since in a nunnery, sought out Michael with news that their father truly was alive, overjoyed at reuniting with his sister and later on his true father, Michael joined the Righteous, Azrael Caldarians new Order and trained with both his sister as well as new convert Shawn Priest a former member of the Wilson Army. Finally Michael was set to meet Keth Vale in a match that was set up by Azriel the Deceiver but before the match could happen Michael turned on the Deceiver and then Vale telling both that the Righteous would soon reclaim what was taken from them. Since that time Azrael Caldarian has returned to the ring though his wife Josephine remains with the Deceiver Azriel out of sight, no one has seen he since Michael turned on the false Azriel. Azrael has reconciled with Keth Vale though Michael still resents Keth. Michael’s partner Shawn Priest is soon to follow him into the NAWC as soon as he is finished with his indoctrination into The Righteous and Rose Caldarian will follow when she has finished training. .

  • Finisher Move: SIN BUSTER (Ace Crusher.)
  • Alternate Tag Team Finisher Move: Righteous Driver (A power slam into side driver.)
  • Special Moves: Eyes of the Righteous (Snake eyes into corner buckle.)
  • Additional Special Moves: Heaven’s Hammer (A running double fisted hammer to chest.)
  • Other Moves: Purity Drive (A conventual piledriver.)

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