Krazy Kards™ are fantasy storytelling, entertainment & collectables, for use with the Champions of the Galaxy Wrestling Game

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We have sold a good amount of cards sets over the years and we want to know how many sets and cards actually still exist. This is where you come in. Anyone who owns Krazy Kards should see a special serial number printed on the back of every card. Most cards will have a serial number, a few cards may display the word "proof" or on a rare possiblity might be left blank.

  • (Blank example)
  • (Serial Number)
  • (Printer Proof)

Krazy Kards may become collector's items! Why you ask? These are virtually handmade professional quality wrestling game cards that have been numbered, and are produced in extremely low print runs. These cards are not mass produced somewhere overseas. The Champions of the Galaxy color cards are only going up in value. As the game expands to further audiences of all ages around the world past collectibles will only be rarely and harder to find.

This is how it works you can email any card sets that you have collected along with the serial number and copyright date. If you dont want to add your name to the list we can post it as private! It should be pretty interesting to see how many cards / sets have survived over the last seven years. Sadly some card sets have burned in house fires, been lost in apartment moves, water or food spills, and even pet damage. Hopefully this is only a few rare cases. You can also register any of the (COTG) Champions of the Galaxy Collectors edition color cards that were produced by Krazy Kards.

You can email all registries to:

Note: All New Orders will be automatically updated to the Registry.

Series One — (Complete Set Listings)
  • Current Production Numbers: 109 sets
  • Details: (Printed in Black & White 12 cardset)
SeriesSerial No.CopyrightDate Reg.Owner
Series 1 w / Box .001200011-12-2007 Kevin K
Series 1 .034200101-18-2017 Waynce C
Series 1 .049200101-07-2024 TY
Series 1 .050200311-21-2007 Keith K
Series 1 .062200411-20-2007 Kevin B
Series 1 .079200511-20-2007 Chris F
Series 1 .081200512-10-2007 Neil L
Series 1 .088200611-13-2007 Mike M
Series 1 .093200802-18-2008 David M
Series 1 .09420089-29-2008 Dennis H
Series 1 .095200812-10-2008 Russell C
Series 1 .09620104-18-2010 Shane S
Series 1 .09720104-20-2010 Alex M
Series 1 .09820128-25-2012 Adam S
Series 1.099201403-25-2014 Joseph N
Series 1.100201407-12-2014 Terry S
Series 1.101201410-20-2014 Michael F
Series 1.102201403-27-2015 Anonymous
Series 1.103201505-23-2015 Lance R
Series 1.104201803-09-2019 Mark S
Series 1.105201905-07-2020 Ron K
Series 1.106201909-03-2020 Mark G
Series 1.107202001-11-2021 Wayne H
Series 1.108202111-27-2021 David K
Series 1.109202209-23-2023 Steven E
Series Two
  • Current Production Numbers: 107 sets
  • Details: (First Full Color 8 cardset)
SeriesSerial No.CopyrightDate Reg. Owner
Series 1 .001200101-07-2024TY
Series 2 .030200201-18-2017Waynce C
Series 2 .067200411-20-2007Kevin B
Series 2 .070200511-20-2007Chris F
Series 2 .071200511-21-2007 Neil L
Series 2 .077200612-13-2007Mike M
Series 2 .081200711-12-2007 Ed N
Series 2 .083200812-13-2008David M
Series 2 .084200812-15-2008 Russell C
Series 2 .090201208-25-2012Adam S
Series 2 .091201202-04-2013Keith V
Series 2.092201303-25-2014Joseph N
Series 2.093201408-09-2014John M
Series 2.094201409-07-2014Terry S
Series 2.095201403-27-2015Anonymous
Series 2.096201505-23-2015Lance R
Series 2.097201510-10-2015Mike F
Series 2.099201703-09-2019Mark S
Series 2.100201907-17-2020 Ron K
Series 2.101202009-03-2020 Mark G
Series 2.102202009-07-2020 Brandon W
Series 2.103202009-16-2020 Paul P
Series 2.104202001-11-2021 Wayne H
Series 2.105202111-27-2021 David K
Series 2.106202206-20-2023 Jason B
Series 2.107202309-23-2023 Steven E
Series Three
  • Current Production Numbers: 87 sets
  • Details: (Full Color 12 cardset)
SeriesSerial No.CopyrightDate Reg.Owner
Series 3.035200201-07-2024TY
Series 3.044200411-20-2007 Kevin B
Series 3.050200511-21-2007 Neil L
Series 3.051200511-20-2007 Chris F
Series 3.060200611-13-2007 Mike M
Series 3.063200712-12-2007 Ed N
Series 3.064200812-13-2008 David M
Series 3.065200812-15-2008 Dennis H
Series 3.066200812-15-2008 Russell C
Series 3.072201303-25-2014 Joseph N
Series 3.073201408-09-2014 John M
Series 3.074201408-24-2014Adam S
Series 3.075201503-27-2015Lance R
Series 3.076201504-18-2015Micheal F
Series 3.078201507-06-2015John N
Series 3.079201708-06-2017Anonymous
Series 3.080201907-17-2020 Ron K
Series 3.081201909-03-2020 Mark G
Series 3.082202009-16-2020 Paul P
Series 3.083202012-20-2020 Brandon W
Series 3.084202001-11-2021 Wayne H
Series 3.085202111-27-2021 David K
Series 3.086202206-20-2023 Jason B
Series 3.087202311-20-2023 Steven E
Series Four
  • Current Production Numbers: 77 sets
  • Details: (Full Color 4 cardset)
SeriesSerial No.CopyrightDate Reg. Owner
Series 4.026200301-07-2024TY
Series 4.039200411-20-2007Kevin B
Series 4.040200511-20-2007Chris F
Series 4.041200511-21-2007Neil L
Series 4.047200611-13-2007Mike M
Series 4.052200712-12-2007 Ed N
Series 4.053200812-15-2008Dennis H
Series 4.054200812-15-2008Russell C
Series 4.060201203-25-2014Joseph N
Series 4.061201306-22-2014Mike C
Series 4.062201408-09-2014John M
Series 4.063201408-24-2014Adam S
Series 4.064201503-17-2015Micheal F
Series 4.065201503-27-2015Anonymous
Series 4.066201505-15-2015Lance R
Series 4.067201706-12-2017Mike L
Series 4.068201707-04-2017Bobby M
Series 4.069201802-16-2020Mark S
Series 4.070201909-03-2020 Mark G
Series 4.071202009-16-2020 Paul P
Series 4.073202011-15-2020 Ron B
Series 4.074202001-11-2021 Wayne H
Series 4.075202109-12-2021 Ken W
Series 4.076202111-12-2021 David K
Series 4.077202206-20-2023 Jason B
Series Five
  • Current Production Numbers: 63 sets
  • Details: (Full Color 8 cardset)
SeriesSerial No.CopyrightDate Reg. Owner
Series 5.019200301-07-2024TY
Series 5.028200411-20-2007Kevin B
Series 5.029200511-20-2007Chris F
Series 5.033200511-21-2007Neil L
Series 5.040200611-13-2007Mike M
Series 5.046200712-20-2007 Ed N
Series 5.047200810-04-2008 Dennis H
Series 5.048200812-15-2008 Russell C
Series 5.052201102-13-2011 Keven S
Series 5.053201102-20-2011Jim C
Series 5.054201203-25-2014Joseph N
Series 5.055201408-09-2014John M
Series 5.056201503-10-2015Micheal F
Series 5.057201504-18-2015Anonymous
Series 5.058201505-15-2015Lance R
Series 5.059201609-03-2020Mark G
Series 5.061202001-13-2021Wayne H
Series 5.062202111-26-2021David K
Series 5.063202206-20-2023Jason B
Series 6
  • Current Production Numbers: 60 sets
  • Details: (Full Color 10 cardset)
SeriesSerial No.CopyrightDate Reg. Owner
Series 6.022200411-20-2007Kevin B
Series 6.027200511-20-2007Chris F
Series 6.029200511-21-2007Neil L
Series 6.033200611-13-2007Mike M
Series 6.038200712-20-2007 Ed N
Series 6.039200803-02-2008 David M
Series 6.040200810-04-2008 Dennis H
Series 6.041200812-15-2008Russell C
Series 6.048201203-25-2014Joseph N
Series 6.049201305-16-2014Brian M
Series 6.050201408-15-2014John M
Series 6.051201404-18-2015Anonymous
Series 6.052201505-23-2015Lance R
Series 6.053201510-10-2015Mike F
Series 6.054201605-20-2016Anonymous
Series 6.055201709-03-2020Mark G
Series 6.058202001-13-2021Wayne H
Series 6.059202111-26-2021David K
Series 6.0602021>06-20-2023Jason B

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