Krazy Kards™ are fantasy storytelling, entertainment & collectables, for use with the Champions of the Galaxy Wrestling Game

NAWC Series 1 — Released 1999/2000

First ever Krazy Kards NAWC set releases in Dec. 1999 early Jan 2000 based of the COTG system.

NAWC Series 2 — Released 2001

Krazy Kards Series Two was the first set of the series released in full color.

NAWC Series 3 — Released 2002

First set to list a characters height and weight on the game card.

NAWC Series 4 — Released 2002

First alternative universe bootlegs Sam Hein and Xaphan enter into the NAWC.

NAWC Series 5 — Released 2003

Brothers Brock and Dillon Mason (M&M) reak havok on the NAWC back in 2003.

NAWC Series 6 — Released 2004

Alaara’s Contest of Champions

NAWC Series 7 — Released 2004/2005

The first all horror themed set, alot of Vampires, Werewolfs and other lovely creatures.

NAWC Series 8 — Released July 2005

The Sketchy military past of Assassin X is slowly un-earthed within series 8.

NAWC Series 9 — Released 2006/2007

Rose Caldarian revealed as the grand daughter of none other then GWF Legend Bishop Hell!

NAWC Series 10 — Released 2010/2011

Is this the End of the NAWC? Originally Released on 10/10/2010.

Special Editions — Released 2001/2011

Special Edition cards were exclusive cards released from 2001 - 2014.

NAWC Unleaded 1 — Released 2005/2012

Originally Released in the summer of 2005. Re-Released in 2012 with all new artwork.

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