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Krazy Kards / NAWC — Series 11

Lady X “Xandra” — Member of the (Death Society)
Card: 90
  • Height: 6' 1"
  • Weight: 178 Lbs
  • Home Land:Alaara
  • Titles Held: (N/A)

Lady X otherwise known as Xandra is the eldest daughter of Xiomar the legendary Special Forces assassin, bounty hunter, NAWC Champion and Alaaran folk law war hero known as Assassin X. Her family has always had great influence and history in the region. Xandra comes from a long blood line of warriors. The training that her family provides is mostly for their own kin but her family has been known to make exceptions for only very special or worthy outsiders from time to time.

Her father Xiomar a.k.a Assassin X worked as an elite Special Forces assassin who also fought alongside her other powerful relative Ciber Naught. During the final years of the Alaaran Civil War or what the Allaarans call the Great Conflict. Xandra was specially trained by both her father and uncle and even fought alongside with her younger brother Xander. She always pushed herself and trained much harder than most within her unit and among her family members. She always wanted to follow in her father’s footsteps.

Xandra who is known as Lady X always wanted to follow in her father’s footsteps. She has even been dubbed the female version of assassin X. She was very fortunate to fight among such accomplished and experienced warriors such as her father and uncle. Their guidance has only enabled her to become an elite fighter and assassin in her own right. Lady X has been specially trained in advanced Alaaran fighting technics which consists of fighting teachings similar to the ancient Japanese samurai warriors along with more modern age martial arts like Tae Kwon Do and Karate fighting styles mixed into one martial art form. Her training has primarily focused on hand to hand combat, grappling, crystal bladed sword fighting and various portable firearms. Lady X has been known to use portable firearms with deadly force when she feels is necessary especially when taking down wanted fugitives or in combat situations.

Before eventually being accepted into the NAWC organization she primarily traveled with her own Special Forces unit across the galaxy usually tracking down wanted fugitives and other side jobs as they came up. Lady X decided to sign on as full time wrestler to become closer to her father and to put her special skills to good use. She signed onto the struggling NAWC about five years ago and has become a very formidable opponent in and out of the ring. She has been quickly climbing the ranks in various federations and even holding titles in others. She has become an accomplished wrester in her own right and possesses similar leadership qualities like her father.

The recent terrifying and dreadful news of her father being infected by this space parasite symbiote has caused her and her family great pain an outrage. She cannot believe this has happened to her beloved father a warrior that has survived so many battles and hunted down some of the worse intergalactic criminals across the galaxy. She has no love for the GWFZ for allows such a disgrace to have even been allowed to occur. She is now on a warpath and will not hesitate to destroy anyone who gets in her way of her new mission which is to somehow save her father and remove the symbiote permanently from existence.

Lady X has decided to leave Alaara and the NAWC along with her brother Xander and two other wrestlers only known within the NAWC as the Death Squad. The Death Squad is on a mission called code name A.X.E. which means “An X-Symbiote Extermination”. Lady X handpicked another assassin called Kill Shot an outsider bounty hunter called Death Bringer to join in the mission to destroy what is now known as the X-Symbiote.

They will find a way to somehow get Xiomar back to Alaara dead or alive. If he does not survive the extraction removal process then Lady X plans on giving him a hero’s home coming to allow his spirt to at least enter the Alaaran spirt world of his home planet of other great fallen warriors. Make no mistake Lady X shall not allow her father’s legacy to be remembered as a foul mindless zombie like creature.

  • Finisher Move: (Operation X)
    (Executed on an opponent sitting on the top turnbuckle.With her legs scissored around the opponent’s head while they face each other, he performs a backflip to swing through the opponent’s open legs, dragging the opponent into a forced somersault that causes the opponent to land on his or her back. opponent’s head while they face each other, he performs a backflip to swing through the opponent’s open legs, dragging the opponent into a forced somersault that causes the opponent to land on his or her back.)
  • Special Moves: Feel the Blade
    (This move is when he jumps down from the top turnbuckle onto an opponent driving her fist or blade into an opponent’s chest or head.)
  • Additional Special Moves: X-ecution
    While running towards her opponent, she leaps up into the air, before connecting with a clothesline.
  • Other Moves: Backstabber
    (Lady X stands behind her opponent and falls back with her opponent driving her knees hard into the opponent’s back)
Death Bringer — Member of the (Death Society)
Card: 91
  • Height: 6' 8"
  • Weight: 326 Lbs
  • Home Land: New Babylon, Moon Base Alpha
  • Titles Held: (None Currrently)

Death Bringer the bounty hunter formerly known as BAHADUR was mostly just a local street fighter type who grew up in a poor mining colony town called New Babylon. He had great size and strength on his side but this made him an easy target for other criminal type organization to try and persuade him to work for them. In the beginning he was used to beat up people who owed money to some low level crime bosses at the Alpha moon base. BAHADUR was later recruited as a bouncer type body guard which he did end well for a while until he got mixed up in a bar fight.

Trying to defend his foul mouth client who decided to pick a fight that neither one would be able to win. This fight was with some masked stranger who seemed much smaller to BAHADUR and he thought would be an easy fight. He even thought that this might even impress some of the local higher level crime bosses. But to his surprise this alien stranger taught him a serious lesion in fighting that size does not always matter. The smaller man was able to man handle the big man rather quickly with procession attacks. BAHADUR soon realized this foreigner was well trained in some type of ancient mixed martial arts. BAHADUR never got so badly beaten before and worst of all was unable to protect his client who was now unfortunately permanently eliminated by the stranger. BAHADUR was extremely angry, embarrassed and now out of a job. He vowed to have his revenge on this masked man.

After quickly leaving the local dive, BAHADUR quietly followed the stranger back to his ship before he could escape or leave the planet. He planned to attack him again from behind, but the stranger knew he was being tracked and allowed him to follow him to his ship. As BAHADUR made his move the stranger told him down again this time with a sharp blade pointed at his throat. He did see great potential in him and it was not because of his large size but for his passion to fight and lack of fear.

Instead of another conflict he offered him a change to be trained properly and told him you even might become a great warrior over time instead of a brute force only fighter. This offer was not without a price though; he would have to leave New Babylon to now work for him as an apprentice. This offer caught him off guard at first but he reluctantly took the strangers rare offer Figuring he had nothing to really lose at this point and from the previous fight that he had with this individual he felt like he might be in the presence of one of the great Alaaran Special Forces warriors rumored to be working in this sector. He also knew that Alaaran’s rarely offered to train outsiders especially foreigners not from their own planet so he knew that this was a great honor and a gift from the gods to be in his presence.

Over the years once he gained trust among the other Alaarian elders Assassin X was then permitted to train him in the more ancient traditional Alaarian customs. He was trained in various types of modern and ancient combat fighting. The fighting techniques included Alaarian martial arts, explosives, firearms, survival and endurance training. During this time the Alaarian war was just on horizon and BAHADUR was trusted into battle fighting alongside his mentor Assassin X now as a follow solider and warrior of the Alaarian people. This was a great honor for him since few foreigners were allowed to be trained to fight within the Special Forces division. Being a part of the Special Forces unit he ended up fighting in many battles. He was nearly killed numerous times but always managed to find a way to escape and cheat death until he one of the transport ships was blown up. He escaped the explosion but without receiving permanent facial scars from the blast which is why he now must always wear a hooded mask to protect his blast damaged face. He was nearly killed numerous times but always managed to find a way to escape and cheat death until one of his transport ships was blown up. He was one of the few who escaped the explosion but not without receiving a permanent reminder of the sacrifices of war. He now always wears a hooded mask to hide his permanently scared face.

After the war Death Bringer became one of the most successfully bounty hunters in the war thorn region and successfully brought in Alaaras most wanted. Because more of his bounties arrived dead rather than alive he got the name of Death Bringer.

He has only recently inspired to become a full time NAWC wrestler mostly because of what has happened to his beloved mentor and friend. He was the first to reach out to his friends son and daughter whom he knew well to help form a new team known as the Death Society.

  • Finisher Move: (Bring The Pain)
    (Also known as a spike powerbomb, this is any double-team (sometimes triple-team) move in which one wrestler help another to perform a powerbomb, either by aiding the wrestler to get the opponent up on to their shoulders or by pulling down on the opponent as they get dropped down, to force them into the mat harder.)
  • Special Moves: Death From Above
    (is performed by leaping from the top rope, stretching out to a horizontal position, and bringing one’s feet and hands inward and outward before landing.)
  • Additional Special Moves: Death Drop
    (As Death Bringer executes the superplex, Death Blade would fly off the top turnbuckle with a splash, timing the landing on the opponent so that he would hit immediately after Death Bringer landed.)
Death Blade — Member of the (Death Society)
Card: 92
  • Height: 5' 11"
  • Weight: 202 Lbs
  • Home Land: Salaria, Alaara
  • Titles Held: (none currently)

Death Blade is one of the few members of the Death Society that actually started out as a wrestler instead of starting from military related career. Before becoming the wrestler known as Death Blade, Cheveyo Diomedes started his wrestling career in smaller intergalactic wrestling federations. Like most young wrestlers he had set his sights high on eventually becoming a full time professional wrestler in the NAWC organization. Due to his smaller statue in comparison to the wresters within the NAWC he knew early on that he would need to have some type of edge in order to make his way up.

Cheveyo got the nick name of “Death Wish” early on mostly because of his insane death defying moves and his seemingly unusual fearless demeanor. His unusual wrestling technic and, usage of various masks, and his outrageous skull related outfits were designed to capture the attention of fans but his skillful wrestling moves caught the attention of two famous NAWC wrestlers known as SamHain and Xaphan. At this time both SamHain and Xaphan happened to be looking for new talent for their group known as “All Hallows Eve”. After liking what he saw from this raw talent SamHain offered to train him to further his wrestling career. SamHain showed him how to conceal additional weapons in and out of the ring as a last resort backup. Sam Hain was also the one that decided he should change his name to Death Blade instead of Death Wish. Cheveyo now known as Death Blade worked well with SamHain and was competing for a spot on All Hallows Eve with the rival competition heating up from another wrestler known as Halloween. Halloween having a slight edge mostly only because of his size eventually got the spot over Death Blade which infuriated him. This lead to a big fallout with SamHain and he blamed him for not giving him the proper training or a fair shot.

It appeared his dream of becoming a full time professional wrestler might be out of reach yet again. He decided to look for new work possibly. The best job options that he could find in his line other than a wrestler was to work as a bounty hunter since these types of jobs paid well and might even allow him to utilize his fighting skills on the job. Cheveyo was hired on the spot since some of the locals knew of his wrestling abilities within some of the local sporting events. He was hired by a small bounty hunter type of organization where he received virtually no training at all but he thought how hard this can be. His first assignment was a complete disaster since the intended target got away; he was nearly killed, received no payment and was fired on the spot by the organization. Cheveyo decided that his only option now was to leave Dargon for good and to try to fight his way into the NAWC at any means necessary.

As luck would have it his arrival on Alaara could not have been timed any worse. When he arrived the existing NAWC wrestling council was nearly dismantled and bankrupt, the planet was in a full out sectarian war with no friends or money in a foreign land. After days of living on the streets without money, shelter or food his only option was to sign up with the war effort if they would take him. Cheveyo knew of the Alaarian warriors and knew if he could join he would be trained by the best in the galaxy. During the sign up process a Alaarian officer tied to discourage him from attempting to signg up with the Alaarian military which under normal times he would not even be legible to join due to their strict guidelines. His size was considered too small for battle since an average Alaarian warrior over 6 feet tall. This did not deter him from challenging this officer in a fight. He made quick work of him putting him in a submission move at knife point before being detained by two other offices. The officer was embarrassed and angry not but serious hurt. Death Blade could be arrested instead of joining the armed forces he could have ended in prison now. But his attack did not go unnoticed. Assassin X senior was nearby when the outburst occurred and was impressed by his fighting skills he decided to allow him to sign on with the Alaarian army. He told him it is better to allow the fool to die in battle than in a cage. After completing the basic training with some of the highest marks ever by a foreign fighter in hand to hand combat and weaponry he was immediately sent into the battle field which led his paths to cross with Lady X and Death Bringer

Lady X and Death Bringer at this time were both part of a Special Forces unit that were tracking down a wanted enemy leader known as BelRoc. Death Blade had a two story vantage point on top of an adjacent building overlooking a small alley way. He noticed that the Special Forces Unit was heading into a trap. Without hesitation he jumped off the building roof top with two hands firmly grapping a long knife which he drives directly into the back of one of the enemy soldiers. He killed the assailant on impact which opened a small amount of distraction time which helped allow Lady X and Death Bringer to escape this ambush unharmed. Knowing that they more than likely would have been killed Death Bringer and Lady X made sure that no surviving soldiers remained. Death Bringer and Lady X wanted to reward Mr. Diomedes for his quick thinking and bravery. His only request was to be considered for recruitment within the Alaarian Special Forces unit. This was a steep request but Lady X requested that he be assigned to their Special Forces unit which was rare for foreign fighters to be accepted into such a tight nit group.

After the years of war were over the New Age Wrestling Council was re-established. This time he was welcomed into the new NAWC with open arms and no one judged him because of his size any longer. He finally made it to the big time and immediately formed a close bond with Death Bringer since both had a lot in common. They made the ultimate tag team partnership when the finally joined the NAWC. Being further trained by Death Bringer allowed Death Blade to become one of the most feared and deadliest fighters in this part of the galaxy. Now a full time tag team and solo wrestler he was more than willing to help Lady X find and bring back her father. He owes everything do their family and vowes not rest until this new mission is completed.

  • Finisher Move: (Guillotine Choke-Garotte)
    (The guillotine choke is a choke that submits your partner with the blade of your arm and wrist applied to the carotid artery of the neck of your partner.)
  • Alternate Finisher Move: Death Flip
    (He will Flip oppontent with one hand entering on his strong side hooking the opponents shoulder and turning his hipes forcing the opponent to lose his balance and flip over his shoulder down onto the mat.)
  • Special Moves: Fist Blade
    (This move is when he jumps down from the top turnbuckle onto an opponent driving his fist or blade into an opponent’s head or chest.)
  • Other Moves: Death Bomb
    (Executed on an opponent sitting on the top turnbuckle. With his legs scissored around the opponent’s head while they face each other, he performs a backflip to swing through the opponent’s open legs, dragging the opponent into a forced somersault that causes the opponent to land on his or her back.)
Assassin X “Xander” — Member of the (Death Society)
Card: 93
  • Height: 5'10"
  • Weight: 220 Lbs
  • Home Land: Earth - Neo-Tokyo, Japan
  • Titles Held: (Currently None)

Assassin X II otherwise known as Xander is the eldest son of Xiomar the legendary Special Forces assassin, bounty hunter, and NAWC Champion Assassin X-I. He is has three younger brothers and has partnered with his oldest sibling his sister Xandra to avenge his fathers infliction.

He has only recently accepted the great honor of receiving the covenant title of becoming the new Assassin X but not without controversy and sadness. This title is a great honor but requires great discipline and responsibilities to his people and family. For generations being named an Assassin X is one of the highest titles any warrior can become in this line of work. His father keeping the family traditions alive had him trained at an early age in the art of war. He had to endor the same harsh rigorous training designed to make him or his sister to become next in line for this great honor. He was being groomed for this title for many years so it is not a total surpise but others like his beloved sister thought she should have been presented this title since she is not only the oldest but has many more years of experience and love for this type of work.

He has been taught various types of fighting and survival skills that any good assassin might need such as hand to hand combat, grappling, sword fighting, explosives portable firearms, surveillance and how to avoid detection.

Unlike his father or sister for that matter he never thought of himself of becoming the next Assassin X. He always thought that his father would hold that title for many more millennial since an average life span of an Alaarian is about 400 to 500 years and his dad is currently 212 years young. Besides his older sister is much more movtivated with these family traditions then he he could ever be. Never the less Xander is still by far worthy of his new title. He just does not have the same blood lust or drive at this time unlike what his father and sister have in this line of work. He is more of an adventure seeking bounty hunter type instead of a hired killer.

Xander was originally off in another part of the galaxy tracking down some high profile targets at the time of recieiving the dreadful news that his father Xiomar was infected by some type of space parasite. This news made him immediately return back to Alaara to re-join his friends and family members that are still apart or the Alaarian Special Forces Unit. He wants to find a way to somehow get his father home safely if possible and maybe a little pay back as well. He was never really interested in the NAWC or the GWZ federations until now. He has shifted his entire way of life to focus on specialized wrestling skills and none lethal fighting techniques. These new skills must include discipline and awareness of how to conquer opponents without actually killing them. As bizzare as this might sound to me or you for the past new years he has only known how to win by death so this might be the most challening part of his transition into the world of GWZ and NAWC. His sister Lady X was the driving force that got him envolved within the NAWC organization as a full time professional wrestler instead of a professional killer. Assassin X II has stepped up his game and has become an invaluable right hand man to Lady X. Lady X has about five years of actuall professional wrestling experience within the NAWC which has been a big help in his transition to a full time wrestler. He might have the legenary title of being an Assassin X but as far as a member of the Death Society he only second in command. Others have said he can be difficult to manage because of his family legacy but he is usually willing to accept orders if is comes from his older sister Lady X.

Assassin X II also has some ties to another close family friend who is another converted warrior to wrestler know as the Death Bringer. Death Bringer was also trained around the same time as Xander when they both were a lot younger. These life long child hood bonds and experiences has helped bring this skillful group of warriors on a new mission. To avenge Xiomar the original Assassin X and to permanently erase this Symbiote scum from existence.

Assassin X II has started to enjoy the fun of bringing the pain to other wrestlers without having to kill them. He is extremely agile in the ring and loves to do high flying moves and is always trying new experimental moves on his unlucky opponent’s whenever he sees fit. He is considering making this his new found career after they complete the mission at hand and enjoys his work now more than ever before. He sees the other members of the Death Society not only as friends but as family and as far his he concerned there is no stronger bond than family.

  • Finisher Move: (Feel the Blade)
    (This move is when he jumps down from the top turnbuckle onto an opponent driving her fist or blade into an opponent’s chest or head.)
  • Special Moves: X-Factor
    (A sitdown faceslam)
  • Additional Special Moves: Final Gambit-X
    (lifts up on opponent across his shoulders and drives them face first into the mat.)

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