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Ciber Naught — (2nd Version)
SE: 01
  • Height: 6'6"
  • Weight: 336 Lbs
  • Home Land: Goldsboro, Alaara
  • Titles Held: (none currently)

Ciber Naught the undisputed leader of the "GSF", Ciber Naught has made many enemies notably the lizard tag team called "Cygnus Rising" and Sam Moon and his "Alien Alliance" Team. A decorated former Sergeant in the Goldsboro military he led an elite Special Forces unit which he now commands in the NAWC. He is still a brawler and a power wrestler who has alot to prove to himself and to the members of the "GSF" in the coming months. He first lost a major event called the "Contest of Champions" to a wrestler he could not believe could beat him, Brinson Faust of the country Aquala. This upset was the first time in over a decade that the country men of Goldsboro didn’t control the Alaaran Government since the end of the planet's Civil War.

Only to add more insult to Ciber Naught and his group of wrestlers, Sam Moon has finally sent more competition with the long awaited debut of his son "Halfmoon II", up to the NAWC as well as Manta another powerful wrestler that is determined to take Ciber Naught's spot as the Goldsboro Champion. For the next "Contest of Champions", Ciber Naught has a lot on his plate this year and is hoping that with the help of verteran's Assassin X and the Hangman's progression in the ring that his own new finisher he can help hold off the outside forces and regain everything that he lost and believes is rightfully his and no one elses!

  • Finisher Move: ATOMIC WASTELAND (A second rope German Suplex and roll up.)
  • Alternate Finisher Move: Ciberline (A jumping clothesline.)
  • Special Moves: Ciber Bomb (A Jackknife Power Bomb.)
  • Other Moves: Terminal Destruction (A full nelson suplex with bridge.)
Assassin X — (1st Version revised 2014 artwork)
SE: 02
  • Height: 6'4"
  • Weight: 255 Lbs
  • Home Land: Goldsboro, Alaara
  • Titles Held: (Currently None)

Assassin X’s background is very sketchy. His actual home is unknown but he has been conducting business off of Alaara for years. It is rumored that he truly is an assassin but those rumors have not been backed up with any evidence. What is known is that he and his associates run a bounty hunters guild and have worked for Ciber Naught in the past. Now Assassin X along with Hangman have been hired by Ciber Naught to help him get rid of current enemies within the NAWC.

A-X has a high sense of honor and prefers to fight his contracts straight up, though he doesn’t mind a sneak attack to get his/ or her attention. He also will only take one contract at a time and won’t move on till the terms of the contract is complete. A-X has a martial arts background and prefers to completely break his opponent down during his matches before he ends the match. A-X has also put his services up to the highest bidder, and even though he currently has a job he’s always looking for his next payday.

  • Finisher Move: CONTRACT KILLING – An inverted Death Valley Brainbuster.
  • Alternate Finisher Move: (N/A)
  • Special Moves: Assassin Drop (A running power bomb)
  • Other Moves: Tomikaze (A reverse underhook DDT.)
The Hangman — (1st Version)
SE: 03
  • Height: 6'3"
  • Weight: 275 Lbs
  • Home Land: Parts Unknown
  • Titles Held: (Currently None)

The Hangman from the ever popular Parts Unknown! When the Hangman is asked where he’s from he just pulls the noose on his ever present rope tight and walks away. He works for the same guild as Assassin X and was brought in to help A-X with Ciber Naughts enemies. Not much of a talker due to the special hood he wears that helps him filter the air. He must wear the mask do to overexposure to an unknown chemical that has poisoned his lungs.

The filter in the mask helps him adjust to the air that could be lethal to him if it was removed. Hangman always carries a rope with him to the ring and has a tendency to hang his opponent with it getting him dq’d. He is a power wrestler with deceptive agility for a big man.

  • Finisher Move: SWINGING FROM THE GALLOWS ( A swinging chokelift into sit out power bomb. )
  • Alternate Finisher Move: (N/A)
  • Special Moves: (N/A)
  • Other Moves: (N/A)
Ron Grayson — A member of (American Pride)
SE: 04
  • Height: 5' 11"
  • Weight: 239 Lbs
  • Home Land: Ithica, New York, Earth
  • Titles Held: (Currently None)

Ron Grayson Is one of the most exciting, dynamic flyers in the world though he has bulked up as of late so his moves have more punch to them, he can also be as dumb as a post. Opponents try to make fun of Ron, but Ron laughs with them not realizing they’re laughing at him not with him. Follows Chad’s instructions without fail and is extremely loyal to him.

  • Finisher Move: Shooting Star (An atomic Leg Drop )
  • Alternate Finisher Move: (N/A)
  • Special Moves: (N/A)
  • Other Moves: (Over the head Power Slam, Pile Driver)
Chad Hillsman — A member of (American Pride)
SE: 05
  • Height: 6'2"
  • Weight: 207 Lbs
  • Home Land: Washington, DC, Earth
  • Titles Held: (Currently None)

Chad Hillsman hates anything that is not American, including wrestlers. He is the ultimate Ultra-Nationalist, and doesn’t mind letting people know it. Likes hitting opponents hard and fast to make up for the teams lack of size. Definitely the ring general for the team. His past is rather unknown at this time. He came from Earth to the NAWC in search for a championship.

  • Finisher Move: STARS AND BARS (A Samoan Drop)
  • Alternate Finisher Move: (N/A)
  • Special Moves: Hillsmanline (A jumping clothesline ala Steinerline)
  • Other Moves: (Body Slam, Knee to the head)
Sammeal — (1st Version)
SE: 06
  • Height: 6' 1"
  • Weight: 235 Lbs
  • Home Land: Parts unkown
  • Titles Held: (Currently Many)

Sammael is a Heavy Metal loving sort guy who was overly influenced by the Misfits and Glenn Danzig… while not being the strongest man out there, Sammael compensates great agility and a high impact wrestling style… Sammael fears nothing and no one and will do anything to get over… including challenging TWF legend Kindred. Sammael is in his late twenties…

Sammeal became interested in wrestling early on in life and, eventually became obsessed with it. His training was essential getting his ass kicked in small flea markets all over earth. He picked up a great deal of experience and eventually decided to make a go of iton his own. That road led to the TWF and a feud with the legendary Kindred. Dubbed Hell’s Technician, and the rest is history.

  • Finisher Move: Mourning Star (STF/Regal Stretch)
  • Alternate Finisher Move: (N/A)
  • Special Moves: (N/A)
Brinson Faust — (Yellow Version)
SE: 07
  • Height: 6' 5"
  • Weight: 323 Lbs
  • Home Land: Thrika, Alaara
  • Titles Held: (Currently None)

Brinson Faust is a powerful four armed menace in and out of the ring. He has an extra two armed advantage over most oppononents. The extra arms gives him superior strength, agility and extra power. He also has the ability to change colors which can give him yet another advantage by blending into his surroundings.

Currently not much of Brinson Faust's background has been revealed but it is rumored that he comes from the same hidden kingdom as Chouuju on Alaara. They have yet to interact with each other and it is currently unknow if they are friendly or enemies. Currently Faust has begun teaming with Hangman and joined Belroc’s Cygnus Rizing Team.

  • DEMON SQUEEZE: Mourning Star (A full nelson and reverse bear hug.)
  • Alternate Finisher Move: FOUR ARMED DRIVER (With an opponents legs tucked under upper arms like a boston crab Brinson uses lower arms to double underhook opponents arms, he then drops opponent with a pedigree)
  • Special Moves: (A four armed head lock)

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