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Card: 75
  • Height: 6' 5"
  • Weight: 355 Lbs
  • Home Land: Pride Lands (DIM-X)
  • Titles Held: (None Currrently)

Some of RAK' ASHAN's past seems to be finally filling in. About six months ago a masked man is believed to be have used an some type of weapon or device that was similar to what people on earth would call a weed whacker. This unknown assailant attacked Rak using this device while his allies the "Tiger Corps" were no where to be found to witness these brutal attack. Months later The Black Tiger Drake was revealed to be the attacker and this news shocked and appalled Rak since he was the one on the receiving end of the attack which cost him his use of his right eye.

Appartently Drake was the one that ran into these hunters back in Dimension X and he was welcomed to join them on their customary hunt of the Pride Lands, a hunt that cost many Lycans there lives. From these losses came the DNA that Drake took with him and was able to successfully uncode the DNA taken from these Lycans. He was able to use their DNA to help him enhance his own body to become much more catlike with agility, balance and strength, much greater than he could have achieved as a human. After his successful experimentation with DNA spicing he went on to wrestling in the NAWC and changed his name or identity from the White Lotus to the Black Tiger. Rak'Ahsan upon hearing the grizzly details underwent the Rite of Savagery. Whether it was his first time undergoing this Lycan ritual is unknown, but the end result is that Rak'Ashan has become more aggressive in his battles. Now Rak wages war on Drake and his Tiger Corps looking to avenge his fallen brethren.

  • Finisher Move: SAVAGE ASSAULT (Impact DDT.)
  • Alternate Finisher Move: WYLDESIDE (A bear hug into a power bomb.)
  • Special Moves: Feline Fatality (A reverse Gory Special piledriver.)
  • Other Moves: Venatic Back Breaker (A Rak Bomb.)
Card: 76
  • Height: 5' 8"
  • Weight: 144 Lbs
  • Home Land: Silver City, Solace
  • Titles Held: (None Currrently)

KIM the former poster girl for OCW's women's division has now finally been signed to an NAWC contract! KIM has to thank her close friend Keth Vale who had a small part in getting her into the NAWC. Along with Keth Vale getting KIM signed in the NAWC he has asked for her help in return to help further the training of his sexy disciple Romy Rahvin! KIM is more than happy to train her. Besides KIM being a top caliber wrestler she is also a talented singer and has even been an ring announcer at the beginning of her career. Most people expect her to be pushed to the top but has said she will work her way up from the bottom of the rankings like anyone else. The match up that most experts can't wait for, would be KIM taking on the Vampire Nations Carmilla. The two have fought numerous times across the Universe and they never disappoint the fans with their performances.

  • Finisher Move: (N/A)
  • Special Moves: (N/A)
  • Other Moves: (N/A)
Tyler Silvermane
Card: 77
  • Height: 6' 6"
  • Weight: 323 Lbs
  • Home Land: Mideal, Saturn
  • Titles Held: (AWF Universal Champion)

Tyler Silvermane the former AWF Universal Champion and one of wrestling's top stars took a long and winding path to reach the top and the NAWC. This claim and somewhat quiet gaint is the son of a soldier and has been raised with great discipline and work ethic.Tyler Silverman was born in the border town of Mideal, Saturn.

Tyler Silvermane was a stand out in academics and martial arts during his youthful years. As a young man Tyler worked his way through college working as a soldier in the national border guard. Tyler was a good soldier with a sharp mind, humane nature and precessed great leadership qualities that helped keep fellow soldiers alive in his division during dangerous times.

Tyler Silvermane later left the military with the rank of Commander and finished his military schooling holding a Bachelors Degree in Psychology. Tyler went onto Master's School receiving degrees in both Philosophy and Psychology. During all this time he still managed to continue to train hard in the martial arts (mainly kempo and judo). Tyler won several local tournaments and 4 National Tournaments in open class (MMA) Mixed Martial Arts. At the age of 26 Tyler was a decorated veteran, an educated man and well regarded MMA fighter who then decided to try his hand at wrestling. He proved to be a natural in the ring and was able to make the switch to wrestling with ease. Tyler was pushed hard coming into the AWF and enjoyed his 10 month reign as Universal Champion which seemed to only sharpen his wrestling skills.

Since dropping the belt Tyler has still remained competitive in the main events. He is very loyal to his team mates and friends. Tyler has showed other natural talents as being a good tag team wrestler as well, as a sucessful singles wrestler. Tyler Silverman has won many titles and Tournaments in the OCW. A follower of Eastern religions he's been called the Zen master of wrestling. He is an amazingly strong fighter blending MMA, shoot wrestling and Japanese style fighting. In the ring Tyler has an unmatched presence with a fighter's heart and charisma that's hard to match. Perhaps he is the greatest talent to come out of the AWF! The NAWC is banking on Tyler to make the same kind of impact upon his arrival in there Federation.

  • Finisher Move: BREAK THE CYCLE - DESTINY HAMMER (A Doctor Bomb into a falling Razor's Edge.)
  • Alternate Finisher Move: Total Enlightenment (A DVD into DDT.)
  • Special Moves: Silver Blade Lariat (A running lariat with full strength that drives the opponent into the mat.)
  • Other Moves: (N/A)
Rose Caldarian
Card: 78
  • Height: 5' 8"
  • Weight: 156 Lbs
  • Home Land: Earth - Sicily, Italy
  • Titles Held: (Currently None)

Rose Caldarian the first female wrestler in a long line of professional male wrestlers in her family. Growing up around all of these talented male wrestlers who are legends in their own right, has only made her a tougher, smarter and a highly trained opponent especially in the women's division. Rose Caldarian is a third generation wrestler, sister of Michael Caldarian, daughter of NAWC icon Azrael Cladarian, and just recently revealed the grand daughter of none other then GWF Legend Bishop Hell! While she has a lot to live up with this vast family history of wrestlers she is a rambunctious philly that seems to be on the right path. While not on the greatest terms with her father, she is her grand fathers little firefly and even shares some of her famous grandfather's abilities. She is always happy just horsing around with friends and family, but can get mighty serious when someone treatens someone close to her.

When she gets inside a ring she commands a Hellfire just like her brother, father and grand father. Her Hellfire move is called the Burn Knuckle which can be a very painful experience for anyone who is caught on the receiving end of her fist of fury. Besides the powerful Burn Knuckle move, Rose employs the Caldarian Cutter, which is an Ace Crusher. She also tends to work over the neck and face of opponent wearing the opponent down before she moves in for the victory.

  • Finisher Move: CALDARIAN CUTTER (Ace Crusher)
  • Special Moves: BURN KNUCKLE (Hellfire. If disqualified using the move roll d6 again if she’s DQ’d a second time opponent is injured d6 matches.)
  • Other Moves: (N/A)
Card: 79
  • Height: 6'2"
  • Weight: 252 Lbs.
  • Home Land: Jarros, Alaara
  • Titles Held: (Currently None)

ManDesicant was part of the Alien Alliance many years ago. He was a former soldier during the wars of Alaara before the New Age Wrestling Council was formed to put an end to the blood shed. Mandesicant like many other former soldiers turned to the NAWC for jobs after their military careers were ended since the elders of their planet managed to disband all military on this war torn world. Mandesciant was a great fighter but quick to lose his temper which would sometimes cause him to think irrational and make poor decisions either in the ring or outside with team mates and friends. This type of behavior caused him to become more of a loner and a more angry individual.

Unfortunately Not much more is known of Mandesicant's past except that he recently failed the "Rites of Passage" to become a member of the Council of Wyrms.His body somehow rejected this acient ritual for some unknown reason. Although many believe it may have been because of all of his built up anger and hatred inside of him. This failure to the "Rite of Passage" ritual caused his body to almost rip apart from the inside out, just like if he was somehow posssed by an evil spirit that was trying to tear its way out of him. This horrific rejection caused blood to pure out of his mouth and other extremities and with no one there to help with any type of medical treatment he would have died in the wilds of Alaara. When Zargon noticed this bloodly mess on the ground near where he had already gathered the Dreadling and thought that maybe the Dreadling attacked him and if that was the case he figured he would take a chance on possibly saving him since it was very uncommon for anyone to survive an attack from the Dreadling especially if the Dreadling was uncontrolled.

Since Zargon was already on his way to Jarros, a place where the Dreadling was created and other technical advancements occur everyday there. Zargon didnt have to go out of his way and thought that Mandesicant could be a powerful being if he was brought back to health using their science to build a warrior they way Zargon wanted. Even though Mandesicant was in bad shape and near death Zargon ordered the scientists to remove more of his fleshly parts and add more cy borg parts so that he would be stronger and less susceptible to injury. Mandesicant's lost part of his memory during his major operation which Zargon had the scientists also do a slight mind wipe so that he would only remember his past days leading up the the failed ritual. He can only remember the pain caused by the Council of Wyrms and not the pain of some of his uncessary surgeries. The surgereries were all sucessful and he is now stronger and faster than he could have ever been as his mortal self. He is grateful to Zargon and the scientists and is willing to help Zargon in any way he can at all costs.

While no longer a cruiserweight with is added mass of machinery, Mandesicant still uses his cruiser move set since that is what he is able to remember from the past. But now with his added strength and speed his moves have much more effect or impact on an opponent. His Best Damn Belly to Belly suplex is just a perfectly executed version of the move while the Wyrm Destroyer he grabs opponent in a Uranage position then performs a standing moonsault.

  • Finisher Move: WYRM DESTROYER (A standing moonsault Uranage.)
  • Special Moves: Glimmering Warlock (A Jumping Enzuigiri.)
  • Other Moves: (N/A)
Card: 80
  • Height: 7' 4"
  • Weight: 517 Lbs
  • Home Land: Skarnheim, Alaara
  • Titles Held: (Currently None)

This seven foot four inch monster who goes by the name of Zargon who has emerged from the murky past of Alaara. Zargon who originally hails from the region known as Skarnhiem, but has allied himself with the scientists of Jarros who wants Zargon to help them return Alaara back to is dark warring suppressed past, for unknown reasons at this present time. Zargon has starting gathering other wrestlers for his scheme to end peace on the Planet of Alaara.One of his new allies that he managed to rescue from the hands of Cygnus Rising was a wrestler called Mandiesant. He managed to find Mandiesant while "gathering" more like stealing his prized addition the Dreadling. Mandiesant was left for dead because his body somehow rejected a ritual preformed by the Council of Wyrms. Zargon found him and brought Mandiesant back to Jarros to heal with the help of some of their incredible technology. Of course this was done not from the goodness of his heart.

Zargon expects Mandiesant to become his main henceman in his grander schemes. Zargon has started feuds with every team from Alaara. He has especially singled out the Alien Alliance since he knows that they have a great force in the NAWC. The Alien Alliance is his first target for extermination. Sam Moon tired to have Zargon band from the wrestling council, but somehow the council voted Zargon in. It seems Zargon is more powerful and devious that first believed to be. Sam Moon's protest has not worked so he has responded to this new threat by sending out Manta after him. Manta may be undersized in comparison to Zargon but does have the skill set, experience and agility on his side.

Inside the ring Zargon thinks he is king and will have no problem pounding his oppontent into submission. His raw strength and size helps maximize the brutal beatings that his oppontents will have to face by challengingly him. His finisher known as the Ancient Descent, is a Cobta Clutch backbreaker over his knee. He also has a tendency to pick his opponent up by the throat and toss him or her across the ring like a rag doll. He lets know one or thing get in his way.

  • Finisher Move: ANCIENT DESCENT (A Cobra Clutch Back Breaker.)
  • Special Moves: The Zargon Smash (Grabs opponent by the arm throws into rope on the rebound lifts opponent over 7 feet into the air then power bombs the opponent into the ground.)
  • Other Moves: Feel The Pain (Grabs opponent by the throat and lifts into the air then once the opponent goes limp he throws the opponent out of the ring usually for a count out.)

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